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We take great pride in our ability to meet the needs of a wide variety of clients... From Schools, Health Clubs, Engineering firms, and High-Tech clients, chances are, we can help you with your technology needs too!  Here are a just a few of our awesome clients!   

Client Projects

Here are a few of our client projects in greater detail to give you a feel for what we do and how we

might be able to help you with your technology needs!

Restaurant Gary Danko

Five years running, Restaurant Gary Danko has held the #1 spot in the SF Zagat Survey and growing their back-end operations was a high priority.


Located near Ghirardelli Square in the fisherman’s Warf area of San Francisco, Chef Gary Danko, reservationists and the administrative staff needed more room and to move the offices to a larger location was desperately needed. Due to space requirements and limited real-estate near the restaurant, the only available space that met their needs was 5 blocks away from the restaurant. The new space needed to be completely built out and wired with network cabling, server room and security cameras. It also needed to be tied back to the restaurant for connectivity with the Point-of-sale system, VOIP phones and security cameras.


Utilizing a wireless long-range Wi-Fi bridge we were able to mount antennas on both buildings and get a high-speed data link between locations. Even though they are 5 blocks away from each other, all systems operate as one seamless network. Following are some of the construction and progress pictures of the build-out and the camera systems.

Glumac Engineering

Location: 101 Metro Plaza, San Jose CA – Glumac Engineering Firm

Challenge #1: Build out and wire a brand new office space in less than 3 months.

Challenge #2: Design and build out a state-of-the-art conference room utilizing wired and wireless sound systems, integrated audio and video conferencing and wireless network and video transmission systems.


GLUMAC is no stranger to designing high-tech spaces for their clients, and their new Silicon Valley office in San Jose is certainly no exception. As a showcase for what they do best, they wanted their space to look cool and utilize the same technology they design for their clients. Located on the ground floor of a large Corporate Center in a space that looked like a giant fish bowl, the space was transformed in to a very sleek, impressive and fun place to work! With a mix of open and suspended ceilings and lots of glass, we built out a small server room and wired the space with all CAT6 data cabling. Due to the unique layout of cubicles in a large open space, all cabling was routed overhead and down columns and in to the furniture feeds via small cable pathways under the carpet tiles.


The executive conference room is comprised of dual 65” LED screens, a motorized camera and a ClearOne audio conferencing system as well as an integrated computer system and AppleTV. Both wired and wireless microphones as well as wireless video, Bluetooth and enhanced audio systems bring the room to life. Two smaller conference rooms provide a more subtle yet versatile experience. Voice over IP phones were also deployed as part of this project as well as the migration to a fiber based corporate backbone.

Alot happened in those 3 months! 

River Rock Casino

Location: Security Operations Command Center, River Rock Casino

Challenge #1: UNDO 10+ years of Haphazard wiring and implement a structured cabling system.

Challenge #2: Keep all systems up and running during cleanup and construction phases.

Challenge #3: Work in conjunction with other trades while new walls and AC systems are installed.


As you can imagine, security is a top priority in a casino operation and River Rock Casino is no exception! With over 500 Cameras networked into their main network operations monitoring room, Maintaining reliability and up-time were a top priority. Our challenge was to take the existing data center and cable plant and implement a structured cabling system while building out a new security operations monitoring room - keeping all systems up and functional during all phases of construction!


Project time-frame, Appx. 2 months.

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